Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wicked Word Wednesday - Episode 4 - Voice

Wicked Wednesday, fellow followers of TNN.

Today's game consists of trying to say a lot with as few words as possible. Dreamer? Inspiration? In tribute to yesterday's fun exchange, I think I will call it…


On you go, sharing your latest scheme. I love your schemes. The way your mind works is captivating. To me, anyway.

You're a dreamer. Not the typical, lost in a fantasy world dreamer, you have focus. You aim it at real goals. You plan, and scheme, and detail your world so well.

I can see it. Vividly.

Your voice snagged my attention. It draws pictures that are infinitely irresistible, even inspiring.

I can see your world, the beings that exist there, the way you fit it all together.

I just know you will accomplish volumes.

1 comment:

Penelope said...

This grew out of one of my free-writing tangents. There were these voice bits in there - and after Jc's post yesterday, they just told me they wanted to celebrate our voices. I knew you'd get it.