Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sex and more sex...

I never figured on writing sexy stories.  In fact I was mortified the first time I read an erotic novel.  Especially since the words pussy and cock popped up (no pun intended) on just about ever other sentence.  Still I went back for more.  Sex was never really talked about in my family and having a strict Roman Catholic background it's safe to say the topic was extremely taboo. 

However, as much as my closet habit of reading racy novels embarrassed me I was drawn to the heart pumping graphic details of descriptive sex.  At the time I was reading erotica, I was mainly writing fantasy and straight sci-fi with elements of romance.  Still a strong part of me wanted to dive into forbidden waters and I started experimenting with short stories.  I created specific characters geared to the eroticism I was experiencing in the pages of my most favorite books.  It took me a good two years before I wrote my first truly hot erotic sex scene.. and here it is...


"The Princess has embarked your imminence“.

Joran sat back in his large black and gold marbled throne, his right leg flung haphazardly over one side. He was completely naked and had a Banzintine pleasure slave straddling his left leg grinding her wet aroused pussy against his thigh while another kneeled between his legs sucking furiously on his large engorged cock. The interruption from his guard didn't faze him in the least, he looked up at Tieg his second in command to acknowledge the news. He reached over and grabbed a goblet of aged Negis Ale and took a sip. He sucked in his breath momentarily when the slave girl sucking his cock licked a particularly sensitive spot. "MMm sweet that is good just like that.....ahhhhyes" patting her head he leaned further back and widened his thighs more to give her better access. The slave humping his leg began to rub faster and groan louder, her orgasm fast approaching. He reached down to stroke her clit with his thumb to help her over the edge…

” Ahem...your majesty....the Princess..what would you like me to tell her......"

Joran opened his eyes and stared at Tieg...remembering he was waiting for his answer regarding his Future wife. "Tell her nothing, I will speak to her myself, bring her here"

"Here, My now..." Joran smiled at Tieg his eyes half-open his expression a mixture of arousal and wickedness,

"Yessss AHHHH Pala do that again......Yes Commander Tieg here now.....MMMMMM."

Tieg regarded his king, for a moment, the eventually shrugged, Sex on Negis was as common as changing ones clothes. So the mini orgy he had just witnessed did not surprise him. What did surprise him was the Kings request to bring the Princess of Primus in to witness it. Every one on Negis knew the Primarians were extremely prudish in these ways. None the less he would do his King's bidding. This could be quite interesting indeed.


Joran watched thru half closed eyes as Tieg went to fetch the Princess. He felt the contractions on his left thigh, as the slave began to gyrate her pelvis to get as much friction as possible on her pulsing flesh. He reached behind the girl's head and grabbed a hand full of white blond hair as he pulled her face down to his so he could kiss her mouth. The slave still administrating to his cock began to whimper her hand diving down between her legs so she could rub the tender swollen nub. Gently pushing the slave from his left leg he sat up straight and grabbed hold of the girl between his splayed thighs and lifted her with ease so that she straddled his hips.

 He positioned her cunt at the tip of his cock and slammed her down on the hard thick length. Her dark head fell back and she arched pointing her erect pink nipples towards his lips.

 "Your Majesty your cock....ahh gods so hard soooooo hard sooogood ppplease fuck me....fuckme sire“...she cried almost in tears as he obliged her and began to lift and slam her down hard, repeatedly.

 Joran's head snapped up from the plumb pink nipple he was sucking, at the sudden sharp feminine gasp. He looked towards the entrance way to his throne room and saw the shocked and revolted look on Princess Micha's face. He continued to pump hard into the slave's pussy while he stared straight into the Princess's face, watching for her reaction.

She stood there transfixed almost paralyzed to her spot. The look on her face was one of complete disgust and something else....Curiosity? His cock began to pulse with his pending release. He watched her intently, noticing every expression every subtle movement, he began to pant, as the throbbing became stronger. His eyes never left hers while he fucked the slave even harder and faster… He was going to come and it would be good.

She stared wide-eyed her sweet mouth slightly open her cheeks flushed and reddened with her embarrassment, yet she never took her eyes off him. He imagined her sprawled opened wide to him as he thrust into her virgin pussy with wild abandon.

 "ahhhhhhhh yessssss" his breath came in short raspy moans. He imagined the princess screaming her release as the slave on his cock was now. His eyes never left her as his body tensed. He gritted his teeth and let out a growl so feral it seemed to come from somewhere else other than his own body. With a final thrust, he reeled; his balls and cock throbbed and contracted with the expulsion of his seed.

The climax was intense. In fact it was the most intense peak he had experienced in a long while and the reason was still standing at his entrance way with her hand clasped over her mouth her eyes glazed over with a mixture of horror and what he could have sworn was longing.


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