Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charli come back...

I just get back from vacation and was shocked to find out that Charlimac has left Rom-Criters.  No!!!.  Charli you are one of my favorite bloggers. I love your "tell it like it is" attitude.  Let me be the first one to say that it is a sad day in the writing world if you decide to hang up the keyboard, pen, pencil, what ever you use to write.

After reading your last blog, it truly saddened me to hear that you don't feel like writing at all. Please do not let one person's over sight rob you of what you love to do. Like you mentioned she/he was young and new to the business, and like anyone starting out, I believe it is learning experience for all of us.  I in no way am I defending the Agent's timing and choice of rejection, but I do feel it was not meant to be personal. How could it be. Charli you are a talented writer, one I feel an experienced agent would not have hastily rejected.

Truly, I understand that there are other reasons for your abrupt Hiatus, as you stated in your blog today. And I send you my prayers for a healthy and positive outcome/solution to all that is currently, plaguing your life right now.

Rejections are part of every writers process.  However, rejections from someone who we can safely assume has less experience than us in this field is difficult to accept and I understand your frustration.  Please don't let your frustration get the better of you.  One day you will look back at that rejection and say, "bet you wish you hadn't rejected me now," cuz your book will  be bought by a better publisher more worth your time.

I know I speak for many fellow aspiring authors, like my self, that we would love to see you back in the saddle again, if you will.  Back to kick ass, dish out the truth and entertain us with your creativity and love of story telling.

So please C-mac come home, don't leave...I have a hot dish of welcome back waiting for you.



Charli Mac said...

I am in hiding. My life is at stake. My maker really wants to wack me and hand in the keyboard. I am whispering in case you can't hear me. She's got my legbreakers looking for me. Friggin' backstabbers.

Seriously, this is all so humbling, you have no idea. It's peeps like you that keep the hope alive I may survive all this.

Yes, my leaving rom-critters is the culmination of many, many things. The rejection was the last straw. The system has me totally deflated. New agents have more opportunity to take partials. I admit I was over confident and thought I was a shoe in. I am taking the query course with CJ Lyons, my new query rocks, IMO. CJ Lyons tweaked it herself and loved the premise. My new opening rocks as well. Or so I thoight.

Getting a rejection in 6 hours with the new said awesome query and opening left me bummed. The fact her rejection was ill formatted just made me furious. I paid money for classes so I can present my best work yet agent correspondence can be faulty. I freaked out to put it mildly.

I retracted my post crucifying the poor girl. She claims the internets, I refuse to argue. She is only 18. You didn't hear me wrong, 18. No way she should be be repping women's fiction, IMO. If she gave me an offer I would have eventually rejected her. I need an agent who understands me and my work. Not someone who just graduated high school. I mean, she can't even go to a bar to celebrate selling my MS.

Sure, by the time I was 18, lots of bad and good things happen to me. I buried 3 grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and my 21 yr old brother. Another relative was raped at gunpoint. I also met the love of my life, partied, was off to college, and went through normal growing pains. But all that experience does not make a literary agent.

I digress. I was packing my laptop before I found out her age. ME, the cheerleader, the firecracker, I have hit an all time low. Now, have I queried everyone on my list. No. But I no longer have the confidence. I will not lie. This little agent didn't take that from me, she doesn't have that much power. She just pulled back the last pinky holding me on the ledge. (Also, everyday stress didn't help.)

Friends like you make me stop and think. Posts like this make me blush. The floods of emails of support and worry-have me truly reflecting.

I love you guys, I really do. Maybe I will be back, right now I am pondering the origins of the universe. With my ice cream of course.

Emma, thanks. You have no idea what a little post can do for the spirit. :)

tamlee said...

Right on!!! Hear, hear and all that good stuff....God how I love the writers of the world

AJ said...

Awesome post, Emma!

Unless you're ordering me to get back to writing, who they hell am I going to rely on to hollar, make noise and cheer me on? You, of course! I'm not letting you off that easy. I'm seriously considering stealing your ledge again tomorrow to tell everyone about a crazy, high speed ride across the border, over a toll bridge and into an American jail!

Without your bail money, I wouldn't be here. Here with wifi and some smarties. LOL I owe you, and this is me giving back, I PROMISE to track down those god damn legbreakers, twist a few arms, and strangle yer maker.

Better start saving.

I might need bail money.


Megan O said...

You know how I feel, Charli. If you can't stick it through with your amazing writing, I am toast. So reflect all you need to, but then get your a** back in a chair and write something. Anything. Just so as you don't lose too much momentum. :)