Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Release, Soul Mate's Touch By Emma Paul

Thank you so much Tabitha for letting me blog this on your site.

I have been busting my tail lately writing, editing, revising, submitting and working a full time day job. I was beginning to see things cross eyed. Last week I missed my blog time and I apologize for that. Thank you Tabitha again, for being so patient with me.

Well enough whining! I have very exciting news! All the hard work has finally produced some fruit! My Book, Soul Mate's Touch, has been published by Renaissance E-Books Inc., Sizzler Intoxication's line. It should be up on the site by 5/10/11. Please let me know what y'all think, I loved writing it and I am so looking forward to sharing it with all my readers. So here is a small blurb about it and an excerpt....enjoy.....

Romiel is a gargoyle, an offspring of a Demon father and Vampire mother. Cursed by a powerful human wizard, Romiel and all Gargoyles are imprisoned in stone. And only the touch of a true Soulmate can free him. The moment that Joyce touches Romiel, she knows there is a strong bond between them. Although she tries to justify why loving a Gargoyle is wrong, her heart, soul and body refuse to listen.

Together she and Romiel face an uncertain future, as evil forces are unleashed on the unsuspecting humans. In the midst of an ancient war between the immortal vampires and demons, Romiel must unite with an old enemy in order to protect the human race against certain annihilation. As their love for each other grows stronger, Joy and Romiel must face evil head on to save humanity and the Gods themselves.


Pain sliced through Romiel's body. Liquid fire ran in his veins, as his body convulsed to life. The face before him blurred; yet Romiel recognized the delicate bone structure. It was not his mother but another who kneeled before him. One Romiel had envisioned while imprisoned in the lucid dream state of the black void. Air filled his lungs. Sensations of sharp needles pricking his flesh crawled up each leg.

The pain was excruciating, yet he welcomed it as if it were an old friend. How long had it been? His skin burned as the transformation from stone to flesh spread up his limbs, to his chest, then finally his head. He fell forward landing on something…no, someone.

Gasping for breath, Romiel shook the haziness from his head to focus on who was underneath him. So weak. It was difficult to move after what felt like an eternity encased in stone.

Nothing smelled familiar, except the clean sent of a human female. The fragrance sweet and pleasant filled his nostrils. For a moment, he believed Eve finally came to release him from this suffering. Slowly, his sharp senses came alive.

Carefully, he held himself up on shaking arms, so not to crush the smaller body beneath him. The woman screamed. Romiel paused, captivated by the lovely green eyes staring back at him. Then, the full impact of her high pitched screeching reached his sensitive ears.

Romiel pulled back, hands over ears. "By the Gods woman! Cease your screaming!"

Sudden silence caused him to open one eye and look down at her. Her face was a mixture of shock, confusion and fear. The change hit him suddenly. He was unable to control the transformation into his natural form. No doubt his current visage disturbed the woman for she screamed again, only this time, managed to slide her-self from underneath him and run into the darkness.

Without hesitation, Romiel unfurled his wings, winced at the stiff pain and propelled himself into the air. The weakness in his body made him stay low to the ground. If his magic wasn’t so depleted, he would be able to teleport to her exact location. But at least flying was enough to have a clear view of the entire cemetery. Having better night-sight than a human's, he knew it would be easy to spot her in the dark. His kind was born to prowl the night.

Satisfaction curled his lips into a cocky smile while he watched her run and jump over headstones still screaming. Hovering a few feet behind her, Romiel could not help but appreciate the view of the human's plump shapely backside swaying back and forth while she ran. He sped up a little and landed directly in front of the woman halting her. To his relief, she also stopped screaming.

Her eyes were wide-open, beautiful green irises in a pretty heart shaped face, with full lips and a small pert nose. A sprinkle of freckles dusted rose-colored cheeks. Her ivory skin was flawless. A tangled mass of long thick mahogany tresses framed that sweet expressive face. His eyes traveled lower, settling on firm round breasts. Nipples poked through the flimsy material she wore and visions of licking those stiff peaks ignited his arousal.

Romiel's body quickly responded. His cock thickened and rose to greet her, reminding him that he should change back to human form before embarrassing himself further.

Her eyes darted from his crotch to his face, "Oh shit!"

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